NHS in new storm as burglar is allowed £20,000 sex-change surgery

NHS in new storm as burglar is allowed £20,000 sex-change surgery

THE NHS was embroiled in a fresh scandal last night after a convicted burglar had a £20,000 sex-change operation.

Darren Goode announced he wanted to become a woman after starting an 11-year jail sentence.

He received an initial £18,000 from the NHS for gender reassignment treatment with health bosses providing a further £2,000 for corrective surgery.

In an astonishing attack on the elderly, Goode – now known as Jasmine – blasted the NHS for “wasting” money on sick people who are going to die soon.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance last night condemned the decision to use public money on Goode’s operation.

Chief executive Matthew Sinclair said: “Taxpayers will be astounded by the bill with which they have been landed for this ex-serial criminal’s treatment. Expensive NHS treatment must be based on medical need.

“While sometimes these operations may be deemed necessary, saving lives must be at the top of the list.

“It is essential the relevant authorities can justify every pound of taxpayers’ money they have spent – especially when the health and justice budgets are so tight.”

Jasmine, 37, now living in North Wales, but previously from Droitwich, Worcs, said the operation was justified after a lifetime of yearning to become a woman.

“I have been able to get the body I have always wanted,” she said in an interview.

“It is not wrong that I was given help. I had gender dysphoria – a condition that made me feel like I had been born into the wrong body. The NHS wastes money on sick people who are going to die soon, whereas I have got a lot of years left. I am working now, but it would have cost the taxpayers more if the NHS had refused me. I would have been too depressed to work and lived off sick benefits.”

While in prison for a string of burglaries on the elderly and vulnerable – including a woman aged 102 – Goode began wearing dresses and prepared for a sex change.

He was allowed out of jail under escort to meet a renowned Harley Street consultant.

Then the case was put before a board and the £20,000 funds agreed for the procedure including laser treatment.

Jasmine bragged: “I did not put my hand in my pocket for anything.

“It has been brilliant. People might be angry, but I had a condition that needed treating.”

Once married with two children but since disowned by her family, Jasmine revealed she now lives a “dream life” and enjoys an active sex life.



A Department of Health spokesman said: “Prisoners have the right to receive the same range and quality of NHS treatments and services as anyone else, including services for gender reassignment.”