Ndola Magistrate’s Court sets charged police officers free

THE Ndola Magistrate’s Court has discharged two senior police officers and two civilians charged with obtaining money by false pretences after the complainant withdrew the case.

This is in the case of the head of the police intelligence unit in Kitwe Greyson Fungameli, 47, and chief inspector Ndabeni Tunali, 33, both of Yobe police camp.
The police officers were jointly charged with two civilians Felix Bwalya, 30, a businessman of Kitwe, and Mike Kamangala, 30, of Northrise in Ndola.
Particulars of the offence are that Fungameli, Tunali, Bwalya and Kamangala on dates unknown but between June 2, 2013 and July 1, 2013 in Ndola,  jointly and while acting together with intent to defraud, obtained US$10,000 cash from Jimmy Mubashi by falsely pretending that they had 30 tonnes of copper cathodes to sell when in fact not.
But Mr Mubashi, 38, of house number 148 Zebra Street, Nkana East in Kitwe, yesterday told chief resident magistrate Paul Chisha that he had decided to withdraw the case because there was misinformation concerning the transaction.
“Your Honour, I wish to withdraw this case because there was some misinformation concerning this matter,” he said.
Mr Chisha granted the application and discharged the accused.
Earlier, the four pleaded not guilty to obtaining money by false pretences before Magistrate Chisha.
“I enter a plea of not guilty in respect of all the accused,” Mr Chisha said.
But soon after the four accused took plea, State prosecutor Eliko Banda told the court that Mr Mubashi had something to tell the court, which was a withdrawal of the case.