Patricia Mubanga Chisanga indictment charges already filed with Zambian Govt.

Fugitive Patricia Mubanga Chisanga
Fugitive Patricia Mubanga Chisanga
Fugitive Patricia Mubanga Chisanga

In an otherwise factual Sunday Times front page story concerning the case of Ms Patricia Mubanga Chisanga and the charges of massive fraud brought against her by a number of American criminal and civil authorities, there was a major misunderstanding in the first paragraph. Your reporter, Mr Mwale, wrote that “…no formal request has been made for her extradition to face charges in the United States of America”.
This is not the case. The Embassy of the United States has filed two diplomatic notes with the Zambian Ministry of Foreign Affairs requesting her extradition. Along with these requests, the Embassy provided copies of Ms Chisanga’s indictment and arrest warrant, including the Interpol Red Notice, to the Zambian government. Copies of these documents were also presented to the Zambian Ministry of Home Affairs. The Zambian and American governments have an effective and cooperative relationship in such cases and work closely together to ensure that the law is applied fairly and in the interests of both countries.
We welcome inquiries from the media. Please feel free to call on us at any time should you have questions regarding this or any article you might be preparing regarding Zambian-American cooperation in law enforcement or any other mutual endeavor.

Cornelitas Walsh
Public Affairs Officer
Embassy of the United States of America
Lusaka Zambia