Girl, 17 of Lusaka brutally murdered by boyfriend


A SEVENTEEN-year-old girl of Lusaka has been brutally murdered by her boyfriend, the latest incident in a spate of dreadful murders that have rocked the country.
Police acting spokesperson Esther Mwata confirmed the stabbing to death of Maggie Phiri, a resident of Mazyopa Township, by her boyfriend, Nicholas Bwalya of the same township in the early hours of yesterday.
Ms Mwata has since warned that the police would not allow the perpetrators of gender-based violence to be left scot-free and that the police command would ensure that all the culprits are brought to book.
She said the deceased’s body, which is in the University Teaching Hospital mortuary, was found in a pool of blood with multiple deep cuts.
“I can confirm that police picked the deceased’s body around 03:30 hours on Monday. She sustained multiple deep cuts all over her body and a knife is believed to have been used to stab her,” Ms Mwata said.
She said Bwalya, whose age was unknown, also attacked the deceased’s uncle, Mweene Mwaba of the same area who had rushed to the assailant’s house to rescue his niece after neighbours informed him that they had heard Ms Phiri screaming for help.
Ms Mwata said Bwalya had gone to the deceased’s house where she was staying with her aunt Elina Phiri and the two were later seen heading to his house around 20:00 hours.
She said around 03:00 hours, the neighbours were awakened by the noise coming from the assailant’s house and decided to inform the deceased’s uncle who rushed to the house and found Bwalya leaving the house.
“When he asked where Ms Phiri was, he answered rudely and the duo wrestled with a knife and in the process sustained minor injuries. The assailant managed to run away, but we have launched a manhunt,” Ms Mwata said.
In another incident, police have arrested a man who poured acid on his wife on Sunday when she refused to go back home with him after being on separation for some months.
Ms Mwata said police arrested Zambo Lungu around 12:30 hours yesterday.
“Yes, Zambo was arrested by vigilant police officers and has since been detained at Lusaka’s Emmasdale Police Station for now until he is charged and taken to court,” she said.
She said the accused was likely to appear in court today.