Artist Highlight: JK

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Jordan Katembula is a Zambian musician.

His music career began in a group called New Age. After leaving the group, he released his own debut album, the self-titled [JK].

On one track of his follow up album, Helena, he performed a duet with Oliver Mutukudzi, a Zimbabwean musician.

On No Pressure, he once again he collaborated on one song with another musician from South Africa, hugh Masekela.

In 2010, Katembula released another album, Kapiripii, titled after the single “Kapiripiri”. It features Salma Doldia, a female Zambian artist. The album was produced by Digital X, a Lusaka based studio. The “Kapiripiri” music video received air play on MTVbase and channel O.

Katembula has worked with other singers such as B-flow and Exile to produce the single “Chitemene system”. He has also worked with Ethiopian singer Hanni to release “Pistol”