Wildlife authority to start aerial surveys of large mammals


THE Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) has called for expression of interest from firms interested to undertake a contract for aerial surveys of large mammals in all the 36 game management areas (GMAs).
This follows Government’s financial support provided to the authority for application in the surveys of wildlife species in the GMAs.
According to a notice obtained by the Zambia Daily Mail in Lusaka yesterday, the survey outputs will be used in determining wildlife status and trends.
“Our objective of the contract is to source consultancy services providing accurate and credible population estimates and distributions of the large mammals in Zambia,” the notice reads in part.
The authority says the scope of work includes planning, putting in place logistics, execution of the survey in GMAs and preparation of a report on population estimates and spatial distribution of species.
The notice says while the count will be multi-species, emphasis will be placed on elephant and other terrestrial mammals.
“The approach to be used is to survey these GMAs in clusters as illustrated  below saying eligible contractors are restricted to apply for not more than three clusters or lots,” the notice says.
Among the clusters and GMAs for 2013 aerial survey are those in lot one which are Mumbwa, Namwala, Kafue flats (North and South Banks) Nkala, (Bilibili Mulobezi) Mufunta, Machiya fungulwe.
In lot two, areas include West Zambezi (upper and lower) Chibwika ntambo, Musele, Lukwakwa, Lunga Luswishi (upper and lower), Kasongo Busanga and Chizera.
The areas in lot three are Chiawa and Rufunsa, Luano (upper and lower) Chisome, West Petauke, (Luembe, Nyalugwe) Sandwe, Lupande and Msoro Lupande, Lumimba (Mwanya, Nyaminga and Chanyuzi) among others.
Kafinda, Mansa, Kalasa mukosa, Chambeshi, Luwingu, Bangweulu, Kaputa, Tondwa and Inangu are in lot four.
The authority has since urged eligible contractors to consider specifications in order to undertake the survey.
The contract is envisaged to take effect by August 20 and should be able to submit a report by September 30, 2013 .