‘Love Games’ Season II back on air

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LOCAL television drama series Love Games, which has been developed with the aim of providing a way for the audience to learn about HIV to promote behaviour change to reduce the spread of HIV, is back on the screens of the national broadcaster.
The production is created and produced by Media 365, a local company, with the help of Safe Love campaign, a mass media initiative implemented by USAID’s Communication Support for Health Program.
The Safe Love is courtesy of the Ministry of Health, National AIDS Council, USAID, and the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).
The second series of the production, which started airing on Wednesday, continues to look at how HIV impacts lives, prevention of mother to child transmission, condom use, living with HIV and gender-based violence as well as low self-esteem.
Media 365 managing director Cathy Phiri said: “We’re excited to announce that Love Games season two is back on ZNBC and will be available simultaneously on Youtube.”
The Jeff Sitali-directed drama is a 26-episode television series that looks at the lives and loves of five female friends.
As successful lawyers, mothers, wives, go-getters and homemakers, they are all upwardly mobile and contently comfortable, but each of these women face a moment of truth in their lives, when the next choice they make could either build them or destroy them.
Through their stories, the audience begins to appreciate that in each moment, it has to make choices and each choice has a far reaching consequence in life and the lives of others, some of whom may not be known. In the end, all are connected as their fortunes are always linked in this game called Love.
The cast has Muzingo Banda (Mimi), Yoko Chimanja (Womba), Phingiwe Nango (Carol), Chadzanso Mwenda (Tasheni), Cassie Kabwita (Tamara), with principal support from Wesley Kaonga (Judge Boaz), Bob Nkosha (Saachi), Benne Banda (David), Lloyd Kalipinde (Charlie-lucky), Kangwa Chileshe (Julius Nzala) and Sam Sakala aka Dope G from Zone Fam (Chilufya).