Sata views all Zambians as equal, says Wynter

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…he is the leader God has blessed us with
PRESIDENT Sata views all Zambians as equal, Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Wynter Kabimba has said.
Mr Kabimba said Mr Sata is passionate about developing the country.
He was speaking in Mkushi yesterday when he addressed a rally to drum up support for PF candidate Ingrid Mphande in Thursday’s by-election.
“For Michael Sata, all Zambians are equal and he wants to develop this country at the same pace,” Mr Kabimba said.
He said President Sata is the only leader in 20 years that even inspects road projects.
“Sata is the leader God has blessed us with. That is why we need to support him and the PF,” he said.
Mr Kabimba said God rewarded Mr Sata with the Presidency after 40 years of public service.
“We are very lucky as Zambians because God gave us Michael Sata as President, who is now working hard to develop the country,” he said. He said Mr Sata identifies with the poor.
Mr Kabimba said the decision the electorate will make on Thursday is critical.
He urged the electorate in the four by-elections to primarily vote for the party and not the candidates.
“If you are a genuine Zambian and want to see this country develop, then vote for the PF even if you don’t like the candidates,” Mr Kabimba said.
Other by-elections will be in Solwezi East, Kafulafuta and Chipata Central constituencies.
In the Mkushi North poll, the other candidates are Jonathan Kapungwe on the MMD ticket, Wynter Libbohole for UPND, Albert Kawaya for NAREP, Bernard Nshimbi for UNIP and an independent candidate, Felix Chisanga.
And Mr Kabimba says the MMD will not come back to power.
“There’s only PF remaining as can be seen by the pattern of our victories in these by-elections. And as for the UPND, they can never govern this nation because they are in one region only,” Mr Kabimba said.