UPND will reverse subsidy removal – HH

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UPND will reverse subsidy removal – HH

Kafulafuta, July 20, 2013, ZANIS – Opposition UPND (UPND) president Hakahinde Hichilema says his party will reverse the removal of subsidies on fertilizer once elected into power in 2016.

The UPND leader said this yesterday when he held a rally in Miengwe ward of chief Nkambo’s area in Kafulafuta to drum up support for party candidate Brian Chitafu in the July 25 parliamentary by-election.

The Kafulafuta seat fell vacant after MMD member of parliament James Chishiba defected to join the ruling Patriotic Front-PF.

The PF is fielding James Chishiba while the National Restoration Party (NAREP) has floated  Jimmy Kasabwa and the MMD had fielded Evelyn Mwanawasa who pulled out of the race after filing-in her nomination papers.

Mr Hichilema said as a farmer who understands agriculture he will ensure that the decision by the ruling party to remove subsidies is reversed because it will help the country to be food secure.

“President Michael Sata is not a farmer and he does not understand agriculture that is why he decided to remove subsidies on fertilizer but I Hichilema, I am a farmer myself and I am concerned about the issue of fertilizer. It’s for this reason that UPND will reverse the decision on the removal of fertilizer subsidies,” said Mr Hichilema.

He also accused President Sata of wanting to turn Zambia into a one party state saying that the PF was poaching opposition MPs by enticing them with ministerial positions.

Mr Hichilema urged the people of Kafulafuta not to vote for PF candidate James Chishiba because he was elected in 2011 on the MMD ticket but decided to abandon them for his personal gain when the people in the area were yearning for development.

“On 25th July 2013 ensure that you vote for Brian Chitafu because UPND does not want this country to be turned into a one party state, we refuse, we want a strong opposition so that we can provide checks and balances in parliament for you the people of Kafulafuta,” he said.

Mr Hichilema also said his party was grateful to the MMD membership for deciding to support UPND in the Kafulafuta parliamentary by-election.

And at the same rally, Mr Chitafu pledged to develop Kafulafuta once elected as Member of Parliament for the area saying he was aware that people needed proper health facilities, clean drinking water and a good road network.

“I want to give this area development once elected as Member of Parliament on 25th July 2013, and we will develop Kafulafuta by forming committees that will be sitting to help me decide what should be done in which area,” he said.