Human trafficking rife – church

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The church has called on government and other sections of society to join efforts in fighting the rising cases of human trafficking.

National Coordinator, National freedom network Zambia Pastor Francis
Chivuta said Human trafficking remains under reported.

Pastor Chivuta noted that everyone needs to get involved in the fight
against human trafficking warning that some people might fall prey especially with
the coming UNWTO when a lot of visitors are expected to arrive in the country.


He said it was imperative that people are educated on the dangers of the vice and that
the UNWTO will be an opening for some people to engage in trafficking
hence the need to keep sensitizing the masses.

He said most victims of human trafficking are lured with job
opportunities offered by traffickers.

The clergyman was speaking in Livingstone today at the human trafficking and forced labour choral
competition which is also in line with the pre-UNWTO awareness campaign on the rising
case of human trafficking and forced labour.


He noted that most people who are trafficked are used for sexual
exploitation and that slavery is a global problem adding it was very difficult
to quantify the scale of human trafficking in part due to the
challenges of collecting accurate data on the clandestine trade.

“Zambia is affected by human trafficking as a source, transit and to
lesser extent destination country’’,  he said.

Pastor Chivuta added that Zambia’s poverty and unemployment levels
create an environment where individuals are easily deceived into
accepting promises by human traffickers without realizing the full
extent of the conditions in which they will work.

And St Andrews Anglican church Priest Father Emmanuel Chikoya said
human trafficking and forced labour are real issues in Zambia and the
world at large and cannot be eliminated by an individual but through
working together.

He said five choirs from various churches are competing in the
choral and it is hoped that people attending will carry the message
back in to the communities.

“We are therefore appealing to the relevant stakeholders to come on
board, as we raise awareness during the UNWTO as it has created a
perfect environment for trafficking .We are also appealing for
partnerships that will be sustainable in awareness raising and victim
support,” he said.