ZNFU hands over agro-equipment

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ZNFU hands over agro-equipment

Mpulungu, July 19, ZANIS —– Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) has handed over agro-equipment worth thousands of kwacha to be utilized by local farmers in Mpulungu district.

Among items that have been given to farmers include bicycles, ploughs, oxen and a water pump.

The initiative is part of ZNFU’s asset financing solutions to their members.

Speaking during the handover ceremony held at the ZNFU offices in Mpulungu, Mpulungu District Commissioner Juliana Chuzu commended the organization saying the initiative was a great milestone in achieving sustainable agriculture in the area.

In a speech read for her by District Agriculture Coordinator (DACO) Kennedy Sinkamba, Ms Chuzu said apart from improving crop production, the agro-equipment would also ease the farmers’ work which was usually labour intensive.

She said government was equally making efforts to facilitate the development of a vibrant, sustainable and profitable agro sector.

‘To do this, we will need the support of all stakeholders especially you our dear farmers,’’ Ms Chuzu added.

Ms Chuzu also said that government would continue to consult ZNFU on all matters of mutual and agriculture interest to ensure proper implementation of services like agribusiness and input provision.

‘Let us ensure that together we reach as many farmers as possible to benefit from various products we are offering as this will ultimately lead to social and economic development,’’ she said.

Five (5) bicycles, six (6) ploughs, two (2) oxen and a water pump were given to the farmers.

The hand over was witnessed by Mpulungu district ZNFU Field Facilitator Joseph Zulu.

Mr Zulu urged the farmers to guard the equipment jealously and ensure it was utilized for the intended purposes.

“At ZNFU we have a saying that, ‘If you have eaten anything today, please thank a farmer’’…..Remember no farmer, no food, no future…,” Mr Zulu told the gathering.

The beneficiaries were drawn from different places in Mpulungu district which included Mwanamboko, Kapoko, Kasakalawe and Vyamba.

A farmers’ representative Wigan Kabwe also commended ZNFU for the initiative.

Mr Kabwe said the agro-equipment given would help the farmers to improve on their yields and alleviate poverty levels in their households.

“When the Lake Tanganyika Integrated Management Programme (LTIMP) phased out we were worried because they provided us with finance, technology and farming knowledge that would last for a long time…we are glad that ZNFU has followed in their footsteps,’’ Mr Kabwe said.

Senior fisheries research officer Danny Sinyinza and district veterinary officer Dr Gerry Chikuni also witnessed the handover ceremony.