Late teachers’ orphans get ZNUT aid

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Late teachers’ orphans get ZNUT aid

Nakonde, July 19, ZANIS —–More than 25 vulnerable orphans left by the late teachers’ have started receiving massive help from the Zambia National Teachers Union (ZNUT) women committee in Nakonde district of Muchinga Province.

ZNUT Provincial Organizing Secretary for Muchinga province, Nondo Kasanda told ZANIS in an interview in Nakonde today that the unions’ women committee last week assisted more than 15 orphan children to go back to school and ten others were given assorted food stuffs.

Mr Kasanda explained that the food stuff donated included bags of mealie-meal and containers of cooking oil.

Mr Kasanda said the Union is recognizing the positive role teachers play in improving the teaching system while living.

He explained that it is for this reason that the Union has started advocating for exemption of tuition fees to all the late teachers’ children who stopped school due to lack of financial support after
their parents died.

He said that the Union wants to ensure that such children are completely exempted from paying tuition fees until they complete their secondary education.

Mr Kasanda said the Union has also started facilitating for quick payments of the late teacher packages from the ministry of education so that it can help their families in solving other important issues when the money is still having a good value.

The ZNUT Provincial Organizing Secretary said that it has been observed that most late teachers’ children are neglected immediately their parents die and are chased out of school whenever they fail to pay school fees despite their late parents being former teachers in many schools in the country.

 Mr Kasanda further observed that teachers play a very important role in improving the welfare of people in society hence the need to appreciate them even when they are no more by helping their remaining families.