Corruption fight extends to NZP+

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Corruption fight extends to NZP+

Kapiri Mposhi, 19 July, 2013, ZANIS — The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has given the Network for Zambian People Living with HIV/AIDS (NZP+) chapter in Kapiri Mposhi district  K42,000 to carry out sensitization campaigns against corruption in the area.


NZP+ will use the funds to enlighten members of the public on the effects of corruption through a series of drama performances, community meetings and production of Anti Corruption campaign materials.


And government has commended the ACC for working with community based associations such as NZP+ in their mission to rid the district of  corruption.


Speaking during the launch of the commencement of the Community Sensitization Anti Corruption activities, Kapiri Mposhi District Administrative Officer  Jackson Mutale noted that the strategy being applied by the ACC to fight corruption by involving people at community levels was  effective as it targeted people who have unknowingly been victims or perpetrated the vice.


He said the program will enable communities understand the elements of the vice, how to resist it and effective mechanisms of reporting perpetrators of corruption in their localities.


“most people at community level do not know what comprises corruption and your efforts to try as much as possible to engage them is what is going to result in fighting this vice from our country,” Mr. Mutale said.


Mr. Mutale urged the members of the public in the district to take advantage of the activities that NZP+ will be conducting in the area to learn more about  how they can avoid corruption and report such cases  to relevant authorities for possible prosecution.


Mr. Mutale called on the ACC to consider decentralizing their offices to district level to facilitate easier reporting of cases of corruption by the public.


And Central Province ACC Community Education Officer, Binga Binga said the Commission resolved to fund NZP+ Kapiri Mposhi Chapter to carry out the anti corruption sensitization activities in the area because of the association’s close relations with the grassroots in the district.


Ms. Binga challenged the general public to fight corruption with the same vigor they were fighting the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

And Ms. Binga has bemoaned the disinterest in the general public to report cases of corruption that they are witnessing in their communities and places of work.