Govt. urges CEEC to explain more to the people on procedures of accessing its loans

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Govt. urges CEEC to explain more to the people on procedures of accessing its loans



Kasama, July 18th, 2013,  ZANIS— Government has tasked  the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) in Kasama to use Radio MANO community station to explain the procedures of obtaining loans from the Commission.




Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba tasked  Tresford Phiri the Assistant Provincial CEEC officer to go to Radio MANO and explain the criteria used to disburse the loans to the people who applied for them.




Mr. Mwamba’s move follows the outcry from his electorates that in the recent past  out of over 400 people who had applied for the loans only four people benefited and prompted  them to demonstrate to the Provincial administration office.




About K3, 500million was recently released by government for Kasama district to empower the vulnerable people to start their businesses but was only given to four people who already have sound businesses.




In another development, Mr Mwamba also visited offices of the Chambeshi Water and Sewerage company to verify reports that the water utility company has not put to good use the K4,700million grant to undertake rehabilitation works on the Mulenga Hill and Location townships.



The Minister was satisfied with the response given to him by the Companies Statutory Manager Arnott Chilwesa.



Mr Chilwesa however admitted that the company’s service delivery to the people has deterioted in the last four months due to township road rehabilitation works being carried out by China Geo as their pipes are being uprooted in the course of work.