Taima knew his fate in Solwezi East

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Taima knew his fate in Solwezi East


Solwezi, July 17, ZANIS —- President Michael Sata says he informed former MMD Solwezi East MP Richard Taima that he would not be taken back to stand in his constituency after resigning and joining the ruling Patriotic Front.


President Sata revealed yesterday that Taima had informed him that he was going to resign from MMD to join the ruling PF because the opposition party was like a woman that cannot produce.


However, President said he told Taima that he was not going to take him back because the former MP might still have MMD blood in him.


“Taima told me that he was resigning from MMD because this woman does not produce. And I told him that you can resign, but I cannot take you back because you could still have MMD blood in you,” Mr Sata said.


However, the head of state said Mr Taima was still a young man and there is going to be need to look after him.


Meanwhile President Sata told the Solwezi East PF candidate Peter Ilunga to expect to have many problems to address when he is voted to parliament.


The President said Mr Ilunga will need to look into the education of children, especially girls who are being married off when they reach grade seven.


“Ilunga when you look at these children, when they reach grade seven that is the end of the world. In this part of the world we have young girls forced to get married just after grade seven,” he said.


Three political are contesting the Solwezi East by-election and of the three, the PF has fielded Peter Ilunga, UNIP has Caphas Luwaile and UPND has Villie Lombanya.