Private tuition ban receives kudos

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Private tuition ban receives kudos

Lusaka, July 17,2013,ZANIS—The Foundation for Educational Development (FED)has welcomed government’s decision to ban private tuitions by teachers in public schools.


Foundation Co-odinator James Mushitu however says the move needed wider consultation and research before it was announced to allow for scrutiny of its merits and demerits.


In a statement to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr Mushitu said broader consultations and reflections were required to ensure that the move does not rob the education beneficiaries an opportunity to progress.


Mr Mushitu has since appealed to the minister of education minister to call for a stakeholders meeting to address education related issues.


And Mr Mushitu has bemoaned the public’s lack of interest in education especially on the ban on tuitions in public schools.


“It is baffling for us to see how Zambians are disinterested in education. When the name of the new stadium was given by hon. Kambwili, there was an outcry and a lot of debate but nothing of the sort is being said about this move to ban tuitions” , he said.


Education, Science, Vocational Training, and Early Education Minister John Phiri banned paid-for public tuitions in learning institutions because they disadvantaged poor families.


The minister also warned that no school, either government, private or missionary, will host learners from other schools to provide extra tuitions unless that particular school organized its own pupils using school money.