PF un happy with abandoned road project

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PF un happy with abandoned road project


Kapiri Mposhi, July 17, ZANIS — The contractor engaged to upgrade township roads in Kapiri Mposhi district has moved from site before finishing the project.


The development has infuriated some residents in Kapiri Mposhi district who have since demanded for government to engage another contractor to complete the tarring of roads in the area.


And the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) in Kapiri Mposhi has condemned the contractor’s action and appealed to government to swiftly intervene in the matter.


Government engaged Asphalt Road Zambia (ARZ) Construction to tar 3.5 Kilometers of township roads in Kapiri Mposhi district.


Kapiri Mposhi District PF Chairperson, Smart Mwila said the moving out from site of the contractor after partially gravelling the roads in readiness for tarring was making the ruling party unpopular in the area.

In a statement to ZANIS today Mr Mwila said the PF government meant well when it engaged ARZ Construction to upgrade the township roads to bituminous standards but it has been let down by the abandoning of the project by the contractor.


Mr Mwila who was flanked by PF District and Information Publicity Secretary, Ostine Chisosa appealed to government to quickly engage another contractor to finish the road project which was supposed to be completed in August this year.  

“This contractor is now tarnishing the name of the party in power and we are not going to allow this to continue… because the people now feel swindled by the government,” Mr Mwila said.


Mr Mwila also said the graveled roads were now producing dust which is posing a great health risk to the people in the area.


“This contractor has just created a hazard because he has just left dust which is dangerous to our health and our buildings we need action so that this is corrected,” Mr Mwila said.


He said the people in Kapiri Mposhi were very expectant of the project because the area has had no township roads since it was given a district status in 1991.


ARZ is upgrading Tambalale, TAZARA and Independence township roads to bituminous standard.


ARZ Project Foreman, John Nthuli could not be reached for a comment because his phone was outside coverage.


And Mr Mwila has called on Roads and Paving Construction, the contractor engaged to resurface some failed sections of the Great North Road in the district to speed up the works.


Mr Mwila noted that the contractor has taken too long to work on the road after ripping off the failed sections.


He further noted that the uncompleted stretch of the road has compromised security on the Great North Road in Kapiri Mposhi because the ripped off areas on the stretch were being used as spots for stealing goods on moving vehicles.