Choma DC assures Taxi drivers of government’s commitment

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Choma DC assures Taxi drivers of government’s commitment


Choma, July 17, ZANIS ——– Choma District Commissioner Golden Nyambe says the Patriotic Front (PF) government is determined to uplift the living standards of taxi drivers by empowering them economically.


Addressing taxi drivers in Choma today, Mr Nyambe said President Michael Sata is keen to see the welfare of taxi and bus drivers improve through the vehicle loan scheme that the PF government has launched.


He said the PF government will not discriminate against any region or ethnic group in its programme of fighting poverty though job creation.


Mr Nyambe thanked the taxi drivers for differentiating between politics and development by engaging government to seek help in their transport business.


The Choma taxi drivers have registered an association comprising 50 members so as to access government financial support.


Mr Nyambe said President Sata has engaged the Development Bank of Zambia which has since given taxis and buses to benefit drivers across the country.


And a woman taxi driver in Choma, Sipinde Kunaka thanked the PF government for looking into the welfare of taxi drivers.


Ms Kunaka said the gestures will provide a lot of employment opportunities to both men and women.