Luwingu man ‘birth’ rumour stirs commotion

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Luwingu man ‘birth’ rumour stirs commotion
Luwingu, July 15, 2013, ZANIS- There was commotion at Luwingu district
hospital today after word went round that a man had given birth to a baby boy.

Luwingu district administrative officer Deotatus Musungwe confirmed
that a group of notorious people spread fake information that a man
had given birth in the district hospital maternity ward.


The commotion brought business in the main market to a near stand – still.

Mr Musubgwe said people flocked to the district hospital maternity wing to
have a glimpse of the man who was allegedly reported to have given birth to a baby
boy a rumour which he refuted.

“I personally went there to verify but there was nothing, yes i received a text message that a man had delivered a baby boy, that was a lie," he said.

Mr Musungwe said it was a busy day for the hospital staff to control
the huge crowd which wanted to see the baby boy and the man who had

“It was a busy day for the officers at the district to control the huge crowd of people

from the nearby villages which also included civil servants who were among the community wanting to see the baby,” he said.

It was rumoured that unnamed man in the nearby village impregnated a
girl and later refused being responsible and that the parents of the girl allegedly performed witchcraft on him and transferred the pregnancy through magic to the man as a way of punishing him.

According to the story, when time to deliver came the man was reportedly rushed to the
hospital not knowing that the elderly villagers had transferred back
the alleged pregnancy to the girl.

Some health officers spoken to who declined to be named over the
weekend denied receiving a pregnant man saying such a thing had never happened
in human life.

“Who can impregnate a man, yes, there were a lot of people who came to
the hospital on Friday to have a glimpse of a baby allegedly born from a man, even
today people have been coming while others where even offering to pay
some  to see the baby but we explained that there was no such a
thing here,” they said.