Govt. starts rehabilitating Dip-tanks in Choma District

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Govt. starts rehabilitating Dip-tanks in Choma District

Choma, July 14, 2013, ZANIS – GOVERNMENT says it has started rehabilitating dip-tanks in Choma district in a bid to control livestock diseases that continue to be a threat to the animal population.


District commissioner Golden Nyambe says the Patriotic Front (PF) government has prioritised animal disease control so as to revitalise the livestock industry which has the potential to significantly contribute to the country’s economic growth.


Mr Nyambe  said  that rehabilitation of dip tanks has so far kicked off in chief Macha’s area and that government wants this programme to be speedily implemented so that farmers benefit.


ZANIS  reports that the District Commissioner said this in an interview in Choma District,  today.


He said all the chiefdoms in the district will benefit from the project which is expected to gobble colossal sums of money.


Mr Nyambe says the PF government and President Michael Sata wants the livestock industry to fully develop so that it can bring about immense economic benefits to the people.


However , the District Commissioner expressed his disappointment  with some local abattoirs and butcheries for failing to meet minimum prescribed hygiene standards.


He said that his tour to the abattoirs and butcheries in the area  revealed pathetic standards which he said cannot be allowed to continue it  poses a danger to public health.


The DC said some butchery owners are slaughtering animals in the open without relevant authorities inspecting the animals.


Mr Nyambe said he has since directed the veterinary department and other government institutions mandated to protect public health to immediately institute measures to curb poor hygiene standards in abattoirs and butcheries.