Civic leader urges Youths to utilize PF empowerment fully

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Civic leader urges Youths to utilize PF empowerment fully

CHOMA,  July 13,ZANIS–THE Choma Centre for Youth Entrepreneurship ( CCYE ) says that as long youths in Southern province do not understand the difference between politics and development , nothing tangible will materialize.


CCYE Chairperson General Jim Chileshe says there was an urgent need therefore  for  youths in the province to take advantage of the good policies that the PF government has put in place if their lives are to be improved.


Mr. Chileshe says it was the objective of his organization to help change the mindset of young people in the province.


ZANIS reports that CCYE Chairperson General said this in an interview in Choma District, today.


He said this was help the young people in the area to focus on development rather than engaging themselves in politics of opposing government that has the potential to derail success in their lives.


“As a leading organization in the province which fosters development among the youths, we will also ensure that we mobilize, train and sensitize youths about the importance of doing things that can be of beneficial to their lives,” said Chileshe.


He said the current major concern of his organization is to interpret the difference between politics and development so as to help youths identify their potential in entrepreneurship skills for them to better their lives.


Mr.Chileshe further pointed out that there is need to encourage youths to develop interest to acquire empowerment funds in order for them to supplement government efforts of job creation as well as uplifting their living standard.


He expressed optimism that if all youths in the province are sensitized and encouraged to continue applying for youth empowerment funds will help develop the province for they will avoid dwelling much on things like politics that has held them captive for many years.


“Our organization will not sit idle and allow injustice by would be youth employers to divert empowerment funds to other things but will ensure that all those who will be successful employees those that will not be successful so that everyone can benefit,” he said.


Mr.Chileshe said the youths also want to be equal to the task of accessing the funds allocated to the province for in the past many did not know what to do.