Traditional leader bemoans under development in his chiefdom

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Traditional leader bemoans under development in his chiefdom

Mungwi, July 12, ZANIS —— Sub Chief Mfungo of the Bemba in Mungwi has bitterly complained that his chiefdom has been neglected in terms of development for a long time.

Sub Chief Mfungo also says no government official has ever visited his chiefdom since 1964 until when the Patriotic Front government came into power.

The visibly elated chief told Mungwi District Commissioner, Joyce Chanda when she called on him at his palace that he was thankful to the Almighty God for allowing her to visit his chiefdom.

Sub Chief Mfungo said his area has been sidelined for many years and his people have not seen any meaningful development taking place in the area.

“We have no clinics, schools and my people in all the 57 villages are in dire need of water. All these amenities must be provided by government. But why are we so unfortunate ourselves?”  Sub Chief Mfungo wondered.

The chief claimed that he has witnessed major development projects in other chiefdoms such as construction of clinics, bridges and schools adding that such facilities have been lacking in his area despite having members of parliament to represent them.

In response, Mungwi District Commissioner, Joyce Chanda assured the chief that government would do everything possible to ensure that his chiefdom received government support in various sectors of development.

Mrs Chanda revealed that government had funded the construction of a clinic in his chiefdom adding that all what was needed was to select a suitable site for the construction of the facility.