A religious group discourages school lessons in Mungwi

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A religious group calling itself B 7 Zion in Mungwi district in Northern province is reported to have been forcing pupils at Mfungo primary school not to attend classes.


The pupils are instead forced to accompany their parents to prayer sessions which are conducted every Friday.


This came to light when Mungwi District Commissioner Joyce Chanda visited the school yesterday.


School Head teacher, Jurius Chisha told Mrs Chanda that the school has tried to plead with parents to allow pupils attend classes on Fridays but no positive response has been forthcoming.


Mr Chisha said what is worrying the school administration is that even though pupils report for school, they are asked to abscond when it is time for their prayers.


The head teacher appealed to the District Commissioner to urgently intervene in the matter so that children’s right to education can be safeguarded.


Meanwhile, Mungwi District Commissioner Joyce Chanda said it is unacceptable for the religious group to stop children from going to school and also to burn people’s identity cards.


Mrs Chanda assured the school administration that the matter would be handed over to police who would institute investigations and bring the culprits to book.


The religious group is said to have converted several pupils and parents to its belief.

Followers’ identity documents such as National Registration Cards have been confiscated and burnt claiming that they are against their religion.