Progress on bridge construction impresses DC

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Progress on bridge construction impresses DC

Siavonga, July 11, ZANIS —— Chirundu District Commissioner Maxwell Siamalimba says the construction of a 15 billion US dollars Chiawa bridge across the Kafue river is progress well.

Mr Siamalimba told ZANIS in an interview in Chirundu today that he is impressed with the works that has been covered so far.

He thanked the workers and a contractor Chinese Henan for their commitment and hardworking after the six months of constructing the bridge.

‘’ I think with the rate at which the works are progressing, Iam pretty sure that the bridge will be completed within the stipulated time’’, he observed.

Mr Siamalimba said the completions of the Chiawa Bridge will easy the transportation challenges for the local people who are currently relying on a pontoon and canoes to across the Kafue river.

The District Commissioner further said once the bridge is completed, the bus transporters would take the advantage of the bridge as it will shorten the distance from Chirundu to Lusaka.

Efforts to get a comment from a Chinese contractor proved futile due to the language barrier.

Meanwhile most of the Chaiwa and Chirundu residents talked to over the construction of the bridge expressed gratitude and thanked President Micheal Sata and his government for listening to their cry of a bridge in the area.

‘’ We rely thank our President Micheal Sata for constructing us a bridge because this is what we were crying for. Yes our President is a man of action ’’, they said joyfully.

The construction of a Chiawa bridge started last year and it is being financed by the World Bank.