PF Mazabuka leadership express worry over delayed Youth Development Funds

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PF Mazabuka leadership express worry over delayed Youth Development Funds


Mazabuka, July 11, ZANIS……The Ruling Patriotic Front leadership in Mazabuka district has expressed worry over the delay by government to release the Youth Development Fund to enable the youths start implementing projects they applied for.


Party District Chairperson Gift Hanziba said there is need for government through the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development to expedite the process and quickly release the funds which has already benefitted the youths in other districts. 


Mr. Hanziba stated that there is a lot of anxiety among the youth groups that are drawn from various sections of society on when exactly the funds would be released.


He stated that a total of fifty groups tendered in their project proposals to enable them access the funds saying sadly no group in the district has benefitted from the funds aimed at empowering the majority of the unemployed youths.


“we are concerned with the slow pace at which authorities that have tasked to release the funds are carrying out this exercise because the year is almost coming to an end meaning if this money is not released then there could be a possibility to withdraw the fund by the treasury a thing we do not want to happen,” he stated.


Mr. Hanziba charged that youths who underwent massive sensitization program with regard to the usage of the fund are ready and looking forward to a day when the funds would be released so that they can start implementing projects that are lying on paper only.


“We took the initiative as a party (P.F) to sensitize youths who were drawn not only from P.F but other political parties as well on how they should utilise the fund once it is given to them but the problem we are having now is that these same youths are coming back and pressurizing us on when exactly the fund will trickle down to the district,” disclosed Hanziba.


But District Commissioner Eugene Munyama called for patience among the party members saying government has procedures that need to be strictly followed before the fun is released.