New look Livingstone museum renovations on course

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New look Livingstone museum renovations on course

Livingstone, July 11, ZANIS —— Livingstone Museum Director, Chipo Simuchembu says renovations at the Museum have picked up pace with most of the works expected to be completed before the United Nations World Tourism General Assembly (UNWTO) next month.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS yesterday, Mr Simuchembu said the major works such as painting, computerizing the accounting systems, installation of internet services in the Library, training of staff and landscaping were on-going while paving museum surroundings has been completed.

He explained that 10 Museum staff are being trained as tour guides, two on protocol, another two on sign language, another two in customer care and two more on French and Arabic respectively.

Mr Simuchembu noted with satisfaction that the training of staff will help to enhance the institution’s efficiency and effectiveness in serving delegates visiting the museum.

“The training will enhance the skills of our staff on how best to handle visitors to their satisfaction. You know it is a huge benefit to us because as you know it is expensive to train human resources,” said Mr Simuchembu.

He praised the government for releasing   K1, 134 out of the total allocated sum of K2, 000 for the completion of all the works at the Museum adding that the move will help the museum recoup revenue during and after the event.

The Museum Director said the move by the government to fund the institution will help in the packaging of cultural and National Heritage materials in order for tourists to appreciate the rich history of the country.

“ The release of funds by the government for the refurbishment of the entire Museum would not only give the institution a complete new look but will definitely help us to increase our revenues collection as we expect a large inflow of visitors once all these works are done,” Mr Simuchembu said.

Currently the museum charges K25 per day for foreign tourists, and K10 per child, while K2 and 50 Ngwee is charge for Zambians adults and children respectively.

He also said the installation of CCTV, wire fence and Neon lights would be done to give the museum a complete new look in order to attract both local and foreign visitors.

Mr Simchembu stated that the installation of Neon Lights will give local companies an opportunity to advertise consequently giving the museum more revenue.

He further disclosed that a local company has been engaged to establish a craft centre outside the museum where Art exhibitions will be displayed to accord delegates to the global event to appreciate Zambian art.