Kasukwe market construction works in Dundumwezi constituency to commence soon

Kabwata market

Parliament heard today  that construction works of kasukwe market in Dundumwezi constituency will only commerce once the B O cue for the market in question is submitted to the ministry of local government and housing.

Deputy Minister in the ministry of Local government and Housing Forrie Tembo disclosed this in the house, today.

This was when responded to a question raised by Dundumwezi UPND area Member of Parliament (MP) Edgar Sing’ombe who wanted to know why the construction works of  the market in his constituency have stalled and when the construction works resume.

In response, Mr. Tembo informed the house that the works stalled because the council did not submit the B O cue to the ministry for fresh funding.

He explained that the market in question was allocated 30, 000 kwacha in 2007 since then the council did not apply for further funds.

The deputy minister insisted that the stalled works will only resume ounce the council provides the ministry with BO cues for the said market.

Meanwhile Mr. Tembo notified parliament that in the 2013 budget Kasukwe market was not catered for.

It was at this point that Dundumwezi UPND, Mp further queried Mr. Tembo as when the market in question be completed.

In reply, Mr. Tembo said construction works will only be completed once the council makes a fresh request of funds to complete the said project.

And Senanga central UPND MP Likando Mufalali quizzed the ministry of local government and housing if local authorities have supervisor to monitor constructions works.

In response, Mr. Tembo told the house that the local authorities have supervisors but they have no capacity to carry out the works.

However he informed the house that his ministry was working around the clock to ensure that structures were put in place in all the councils for supervisors to effectively function.

In related development parliament heard to during the proceedings that Zambia will greatly benefit in the hosting of the conference on cluster ammunitions .

Minister of Foreign Affairs Effron Lungu explained that the hosting of the conference will play a pivotal role of marketing Zambia as peaceful tourist’s destination to national delegates.

Dr Lungu was responding to a question raised by Lupososhi PF, Mp Chungu Bwalya who wanted to know what benefits the country will gain from hosting the conference on cluster ammunitions and which areas in the in the country have been cleared of landmines.

He cited increased foreign exchange and marketing of Zambia’s tourism potential as some of the benefits that will be accrued.

On Landmines, Dr Lungu revealed that all the provinces have been cleared of landmines by the Zambia arm.