DC advises residents to cooperate with government

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DC advises residents to cooperate with government

Nakonde, July 11, ZANIS ——Nakonde District Commissioner James Singoyi has advised residents of Nakonde to ensure that they work closely with government and other stakeholders in the fight against Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the district.

Mr Singoyi pointed out that Nakonde should lead and be a beacon and shining example to other areas across the country as a district that does not condemn the vices in any way.

The District Commissioner told ZANIS in an interview in Nakonde today that the residents of Nakonde should know, learn and realise that if left unchecked GBV will grow into a situation which will no longer be controlled.

Mr. Singoyi explained that there is need for the residents to be sensitized from time to time on the dangers and effects of the vice in the quest to weigh-down the ever increasing number of GBV cases in the area.

He further noted that GBV does not pay in any way as it is harmful to one’s life and eventually can lead to death if not reported in the initial stage.

Mr Singoyi however, urged the residents to ensure that they report all forms of GBV to the relevant authorities in the district for the fight against the vice to be effective.

He further said reporting cases of GBV adds value towards allowing the law to take its course and bring the perpetrators of the vice to book.

Mr Singoyi pointed out that reporting perpetrators of GBV to relevant authorities will be a lesson to would be offenders in the district.