Clergymen in court for indecent assault

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Clergymen in court for indecent assault


Chipata, July 11, ZANIS —–A 22 – year – old woman yesterday caused laughter in the Chipata Magistrate court when she narrated how two pastors allegedly ordered her to fondle her private parts while praying for her deliverance at the mountains.

Mambwe Mwanza explained to Magistrate Twambo Musonda that Benny Banda 34 and Misheck Ngalande 33 took her and her sister Tabitha Mwanza 19 to a mountain where they were to be prayed for and allegedly ordered to lie down and fondle themselves in order to cast out demons.

Particulars of the offence were that Ngalande and Banda on April 25, 2013 in Chipata district of Eastern province jointly and whilst acting together unlawfully indecently assaulted Tabitha Mwanza and Mambwe Mwanza contrary to section 137(1) of the penal code chapter 87 of the
Laws of Zambia.

In testifying before Magistrate Musonda, Mambwe explained that following a prayer request for a job and blessings, the two pastors took the duo to the mountain where they were to be prayed for.

Mambwe stated that upon reaching the top of the mountain, Ngalande and Banda started praying for the sisters after which Banda touched the head of Mambwe.

“Mr Banda was praying for me while Mr Ngalande was praying for Tabitha on the other side,” she said.

She stated that Ngalande asked Banda what he saw when he touched her head and Banda responded that he was sorry that Mambwe would die very young.

“He said that I would not live more than five years, and I started crying. Mr Ngalande said that the High Blood Pressure I had was not normal and that I was initiated, he also asked if I was anaemic and later asked me what I wanted him to do for me and I said I needed him to pray for me,” she stated.

The 22 year old narrated to the court that Ngalande then asked her if she had a boyfriend and how many people she had sex with and if they used protection.

“He also asked if we had tattoos on our tummies to which we responded that we did. He asked us to show those tattoos and I gave a sign to my sister not to do so,” she said.

 She stated that Ngalande ordered the two to spread their chitenge materials, lay on them and demonstrate how they used to have sex with their boyfriends.

“At this point, my phone rang and Mr Ngalande asked me who was calling me, I told him that it was my sister-in-law and he ordered me to switch off the phone saying it was the devil who was trying to disturb the prayers, I was hesitant to switch it off and he grabbed it from me and switched it off and put it in his pocket,” she said.

Mambwe narrated that they then continued with the issue of demonstrating how they used to have sex a move which made her uncomfortable he threatened me saying he only wanted to help me to be delivered.

“I then obliged and lay down where I was ordered to fondle myself in order to have a sexual desire and that the fluid that I would release were demons while my sister lay besides me. Mr Banda touched my private parts and when I resisted Mr Ngalande who was touching my
sister, would come to touch me,” she said.

She stated that she then asked to be excused so that she could urinate and when she came back Ngalande told Banda that he could kiss them if he liked.

“My sister made a noise expressing shock and Mr Ngalande asked her what would be wrong if the man of God asked for a kiss when we used to allow drunkards to kiss us,” He also stated that he did not want to have sex with us because he only wanted to help us and added that his sperms were special for his wife,” she said.

She narrated that the two men of God continued to play with their private parts until she just got up and put on her clothes, saying that she was uncomfortable and they could pray for her some other time.

“My sister also put on her skin tights but Mr Ngalande said we needed to pray for the last time,’’ She said.

The case was adjourned to tomorrow for continued trial.