Chief bemoans un traditional behaviour of his subjects

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Chief bemoans un traditional behaviour of his subjects

Lunga, July 11, ZANIS—A traditional leader has bemoaned the practice of married men who abandons their wives for three to six years to marry elsewhere and later come to reclaim the marriage.

Senior Chief Kalima Nkonde of the Uunga people in Lunga district said that it is saddening how men in his chiefdom have indulged themselves in such bad rooted practice which has overwhelmed the area as it is bringing confusion in the area.

He said the men who comes to reclaim their wives has a tendency of beating, fined and parading nude the man who had married their wives in absentia.

Senior Chief Kalima Nkonde also bemoaned inadequate courts in his area saying the only local court in his chiefdom is not fully functional as it only has one Court Officer and Messengers.

He further said that the unruly practice by his subjects is untraditional and that the relevant authorities should build a police post and assign some police officers as well as send a Judge to Lunga since it has been made a district and that it is entitled to the two cardinal law enforcers, so that Justice, law and order can be restored to the Uunga people.

And the traditional leader recommended the government for giving Lunga  distirct 200 bags of rice and maize under Farmer Input Support Program (FISP) and that it is his priority to see that his subjects have fields of Cassava and Rice in order to alleviate hunger in the district.

“Good accommodation is very vital so that even us in Lunga can enjoy the fruit of independency by building good houses for chiefs and the people,” he said.

The traditional leader conveyed his gratitude to the government for procuring Lunga a new dredging machine which is currently in Samfya.

He said that since there will be two dredgers in the area, the new one will be stationed at Kalima Nkonde and the old one at Nsamba.

 He said that the new Dredger will be used in digging and clearing channels with clay soil in the northern side of the district while the old one will be used in the south where the land is mostly mash as a result of ramification of Chambeshi river.