– Traditional Leadership in Mambwe District welcome subsidies removal

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The Traditional Leadership of the Kunda people in Mambwe District in eastern province and their subjects have welcomed government’s explanation on its decision to remove subsidies on fuel and maize.




ZANIS reports that this followed  a series of meetings held by Transport Communications and Works and Supply Deputy Minister Panji Kaunda in various chiefdoms in Mambwe District, yesterday.


Col. Kaunda was in the area  to explain why government removed subsidies on these two commodities and the benefits that will accrue from the same.



The chiefs and their subjects said the explanation makes a lot sense.




Senior Chief Nsefu said from the explanation, it was clear that the poor people in the rural areas where actually the ones who were subsidizing the rich and privileged few in urban areas.




He said it was commendable that government intends to use the same money to build roads, schools, clinics as well as sink boreholes for people to access safe and clean drinking water.




Chief Nsefu has since urged government to ensure that the funds that will be realised from the removal of subsidies are prudently used to benefit the less privileged in society.



And chief Jumbe said the removal of subsidies was long overdue.




He said it was a good thing that President Michael Sata sent his ministers to explain the removal of subsidies as rural people were swayed to thinking that government was only punishing them.




And Col. Kaunda stated that subsidies are anti- development as huge sums of money was used on subsidizing people’s requirements at the expense of development.




He  called on all well meaning Zambians to support government’s good intentions if development was to be attained in the country.




He said the removal of maize and fuel subsidies was done in the best interest of the people especially those in rural areas.




Col. Kaunda said rural dwellers were paying huge junks of subsidies although they rarely used vehicles and do not buy mealie meal.