Kasama villager nabbed for illegal abortion

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Kasama villager nabbed for illegal abortion


Kasama,  July 10, 2013,  ZANIS — Police in Kasama have arrested a 30 year old woman for illegal abortion.



ZANIS  reports  that Northern Province Police Commissioner Mary Chikwanda disclosed the incident in Kasama,  today.



She named the suspect as Emeldah Mutale of Namulundu village in Kasama.



Ms. Chikwanda said the case was reported to the Community Crime Prevention Association (CCPA)  by the villagers who noticed that the Emeldah had lost the pregnancy and seemed not to have been concerned.



Ms. Chikwanda said the CCPA members in the community then apprehended the woman who later confessed to have committed  an abortion.



She said woman later took the officers to Kasama golf cost where they found the fetus.



 The Police Commissioner said Emeldah is currently in Police Custody and will appear in court soon.