‘I’ll recontest Sinazongwe seat if..,’ says Siamunene

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Expelled Sinazongwe United Party for National Development (UPND) Member of Parliament (MP) Richwell Siamunene says he would not hesitate to recontest his seat if declared vacant.


Mr. Siamunene noted that he has so far done half of what needs to be done in his constituency in the short time that he has been in office.


He told ZANIS in a telephone interview in Lusaka today that the people of Sinazongwe gave him a five year mandate in 2011 when they voted hence the need for him to continue up to 2016.


“People in that area want me to continue as their MP up to 2016 because of the work I have done in a short time,” he said.


Mr. Siamunene said he still wanted to continue fulfilling the promises he made to the people in 2011.


“People don’t want me as Siamunene. They are interested in my work,” he stressed.


And Mr. Siamunene has described Sinazongwe UPND district spokesperson George Bbabi as a ‘masquerader’.


Mr. Siamunene said he has no time to comment on the allegations leveled against him by Mr. Bbabi because he does not know him.

“Who is this Bbabi? Do u know him? Because as far as I am concerned he is a masquerader,’’ Mr. Siamunene said while wondered whether Mr. Bbabi belonged to UPND or not.


He added that, “I don’t think he is even a UPND member, I think it’s just someone they are using to get at me.”


Mr. Siamunene further said as far as he was concerned, he was not aware of anyone by the name of George Bbabi who is Sinazongwe UPND spokesperson.


“That person does not exist, if he does then he is not a UPND member because I don’t know him,” said Mr. Siamunene.


Recently, Mr. Bbabi alleged that Mr. Siamunene will lose a parliamentary by-election in Sinazongwe if he recontests the seat in an event that it is declared vacant.