Visiting foreign youth advised against drug abuse

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Visiting foreign youth advised against drug abuse


Choma, July 9, ZANIS – A youth Non-governmental organisation in Choma has advised a visiting delegation of youths from the United Kingdom against engaging themselves in drug abuse.


Youths Development Organisation Executive Director, Partner Siabutuba, says it is important for foreign visitors to keep away from drug related issues that will make them run into conflict with the laws of the land.


Welcoming visiting youths from UK and other parts of Zambia under the ‘International Citizen Service Programme”(ICS)  today at a function held at Crystal Lodge in Choma, Mr Siabutuba said Zambia ‘s anti-drug policy is very robust hence the need for them to try by all means to avoid engaging themselves in bad activities.


Mr Siabutuba has also commended the drug enforcement commission in the country for doing a good job in saving people especially the youths from drug abuse.


He said it was sad to see that most of the people who indulge in negative vices such as drug abuse are youths who are supposed to be in schools doing productive things that can bring development both in their lives and the country at large.


“Even if people think that there is a lot of money in drug trafficking but the consequences are greater than the perceived gain that’s why I’m urging you please not to be tempted, so as you interact especially you UK guys observe the Zambian laws on drug abuse,” said Siabutuba.


Meanwhile ICS UK supervisor  Natasha Samuels and Zambian ICS supervisor Authur Muyunda thanked  government and YDO for efforts they are putting in creating an enabling environment for youths from different cultural backgrounds to interact.


Ms. Samuels said programmes of such nature are cardinal in the growth of young people because they accord them an opportunity to learn a lot of things from different countries.


“It’s a useful programme and I’m just appealing to the Zambian government to make it a national programme like the way it is in our country UK,” she said.


And Mr. Muyunda said the programme has helped Zambian youths especially those in Choma to engage themselves in productive activities.


He stressed the need for government to prioritize such programmes  to keep the youths busy so as to help them avoid illicit things that can ruin their lives.