Finalise the interim draft constitution to be handed to general public for scrutiny

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Parliament  heard  today that once the interim final drafty constitution is ready the document will be handed over to the republican president and to the general public for digestion.


Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba told parliament that once the technical committee finalise the interim draft constitution the document will be made available to the head of state and the Zambian people.


Mr Kabimba was responding to Mumbwa Movement for Multi party Democracy (MMD) area Member Of Parliament Dr Brian Chituwo who wanted to know if the final interim draft constitution document will be presented to the head of state and the general public for digestion.


Meanwhile Rufunsa MMD area member of parliament Kenneth Chipungu quizzed the Justice minister  on why the technical committee went to districts and provinces when the previous committees had done the bulk work.


In response, Mr Kabimba  explained that the technical committee on the drafting of the constitution opted to go to districts and provinces in a bid to capture the views of the local people.


He said  this was  despite the previous committees having done the bulk work on the said document.


He stressed that the committee wanted to come up with an inclusive document which captured a wider spectrum of the public.


The minister reaffirmed governments commitment in giving the Zambian people a people driven constitution.


Mr Kabimba said the process of coming up with a sound constitution will be guided by the Zambian public.