ECZ urged to educate electorates on candidates’ withdrawal

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The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) in Livingstone has called on the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to intensify electorate awareness on the principles guiding candidates’ withdrawal in an election.


Foundation Chairperson Gideon Musonda expressed concern over the lack of information by electorates on the matter.


Mr. Musonda noted that it was extremely important that electorates are sensitized on principles guiding the withdrawal of a nominated candidate from an impending election.


He said it was unfortunate that the electorates lack information on the matter and end up voting for a candidate who has since pulled out of the race.


Mr. Musonda cited Livingstone constituency as having had aspiring parliamentary candidates withdrawing after nominations during the 2012/2013 by-elections but electorates went ahead to vote for the same contenders.


He has since urged Kafulafuta Constituency electorates to concentrate on voting for available and valid candidates.


He further urged the ECZ and other stakeholders to sensitize electorates in Kafulafuta on the contents of electoral Act in relation to their prevailing situations before the polls.


Mr. Musonda also expressed concern that some party officials were still lacking information on the matter and were issuing misleading statements to electorates.


He has since appealed to all electoral stakeholders in the forthcoming parliamentary by-elections to observe the electoral code of conduct in order to ensure free and fair elections.


The comments come in the work of Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) candidate in the Kafulafuta by-election, Evelyn Mwanawasa’s official withdrawal from the race last week.