Mambwe farmers advised to avoid briefcase maize buyers

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—-Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Deputy Minister Panji Kaunda has advised farmers in Mambwe district in Eastern province not to sale their maize to briefcase businessmen.


Col. Kaunda said government want farmers to benefit from their hard work by ensuring that they sell their produce at the right price as farming is now a serious business.


He urged farmers not to panic and rush into selling their crops cheaply to vendors as the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) will this year open the maize marketing exercise early.


Col. Kaunda said no farmer will in the forthcoming maize marketing season spend nights in the cold at FRA satellite depots as the agency will expeditiously purchase all crops from farmers.


He said it will not make sense for farmers to sell their produce cheaply to vendors as the FRA will this year open the maize marketing season early where they can get a better deal selling their produce to the agency.


He was speaking today when he held meetings in Chief Msoro’s area to explain the removal of fuel and maize subsidies.


And Col. Kaunda said government in the next farming season will come up with a new strategy which is three fold in the distribution of farming inputs to farmers.


He said the first strategy involves government giving out of four bags of fertilizer two D Compound and two top dressing fertilizer besides a ten (10) Kg bag of maize to farmers in exchange for each 50 kg bags of maize.


Col. Kaunda said the second is where government is subsidizing four bags of fertilizer at K 100 each and they will also be given a ten kg bag of maize seed.


The third strategy is the E-Voucher system where farmers will be given a coupon to access fertilizer at commercial value.