Kalabo district to setup Feminine Hygiene Committee

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Kalabo district to setup Feminine Hygiene Committee

Kalabo, July 7, ZANIS —– Kalabo District Commissioner Irene Mate has noted lack of Feminine Hygiene Committee (FHC) in the district that needs immediate setup appropriate membership.

Mrs Mate said this in the District Development Committee (DDCC) meeting she chaired in the Council Chamber in Kalabo on Friday where the District Commissioner for the newly created Sikongo district Kufuka Kufuka also attended as Sikongo was formerly part of Kalabo with some of the developmental projects for the two districts still being co-implemented.

Mrs Mate said that she realized that feminine hygiene was not on the time tables for some institutions like schools among others therefore the need to institute a committee in this regard to look into its line plight as some young girls were having no guidance as they were orphans or were lacking aunties.

She said that there was need for the young female folk to be given guidance on how to look after themselves by the committee referring to unfortunate incidences that recently occurred in Kalabo where a pupil at Kalabo Secondary School aborted and another girl who after delivering attempted to dump her baby.

The DC said that the feminine hygiene committee that needed to be formed immediately in Kalabo should comprise of a nurse, a teacher and a member from the District Aids Task Force (DATF) and Kalabo District Education Standards Officer (DESO) Keith Inambao said that this was a very welcome idea.

Meanwhile, Mrs Mate also urged the DDCC to ensure full participation in developmental issues that were affecting the people, saying there would be no meaningful development without adhering to positive values and improved attitude towards work, transparency and accountability.

Mrs Mate stated that DDCC meetings were a right fora on which stakeholders can share to champion development and believed that together they can deliver and achieve their objectives. 

And Sikongo District Commissioner Kufuka Kufuka said that development can only be achieved through seriousness and hard work.

Mr Kufuka also said that it is important for the DDCC to work hard so that their successes and reports were considered at Provincial Development Coordinating Committee (PDCC) level for onward consideration at Cabinet Office for funding of developmental programmes and projects.