Islamic council of Zambia urges members to celebrate Ramadan in unity

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The Islamic Supreme Council of Zambia (ISCoZ) has urged the Muslims community in the country not to cerebrate the differences affecting the Council including the Muslim people.


And ISCoZ has urged its members to observe peace, law and order and exhibit love, justice and equality through-out the Ramadan period in terms of worshipping Allah their God.


ISCoZ Secretary General Sheikh Phiri says the council is sometimes irked when some of its members observe Ramandan in different dates and yet there are set standards to adhere too as the Muslims institution requires.


Mr Phiri who was flanked by Council President Suzgo Zimba was speaking at the Council Secretariat in Lusaka today ahead of the official Ramadan commemoration that commences on Wednesday, July 10th, and ends on September 10, 2013.


He commended the Dubai Charity Association that has partnered with the council for donating food stuffs worth K54,000 that will be distributed to all the Mosques in Lusaka and other provinces across the country.


The donated items include 150 x 50 kilogram (Kgs) bags of rice, 104 x 25kgs of breakfast meali-meal and 200 x 10kgs bags of sugar.


Mr Phiri further called upon others to emulate the association in undertaking acts of charity works through-out the month of Ramadan.


Ramadan is well known as the famous month-long fasting on the Islamic calendar for the Muslims and it is also a month of increased worship and prayer, reading and recitation of the Koran, religious devotion and spiritual reflection, self-examination and charity to the poor. 


However, the month of Ramadan, like all months on the Islamic calendar, may run either 29 or 30 days.


Fasting during Ramadan means no eating, no drinking (not even water), and no sexual relations from dawn till dusk.


Fasting is not required of children until puberty and health-based exceptions during the month-long fast are permitted for illness, old age, pregnancy and similar recognized extenuating circumstances. 


And speaking at the same occasion, ISCoZ President Suzgo Zimba dismissed assertions that the Indian people were not part of the council because his organisation is legally registered by the government of Zambia regardless of race, nationality, colour and tribe and not based on individual point of view.


Mr Zimba said the teaching of Muslim is very clear which stipulates that all Muslims were one people irrespective of nationality.


The ISCoZ President made the explanation during the question and answer session that the Indian community were party of the council despite them not recognizing it.