Zambia not a dumping ground for substandard goods – Mukanga

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Zambia not a dumping ground for substandard goods – Mukanga

Lusaka, July 6, ZANIS —- Communication, Transport, Works and Supply Minister Yamfwa Mukanga has implored all manufactures and supplies of goods and services not to use Zambia as a dumping site of bad and substandard products.


Mr Mukanga said the Zambian community is expectant of top quality and innovative products that will better the lives of all road users.


Speaking when he officiated last night at the official launch of the wonder tyre safety product Self Sealing Tyre Technology (SSTT) in Lusaka by G and H Corporation Limited, Mr Mukanga said Zambians desires to have a private sector that will enhance economic development programmes in the country.


The Minister said the Patriotic Front government wants to see a situation where the local private sector takes up the initiative to partner with other companies from more developed countries in facilitating the transfer of technology and ensure that they create availability of modern products on the market.


He urged others companies to consider investing in Zambia adding that Zambia is strategically and geographically positioned in the region with membership from SADC and COMESA.


Mr Mukanga expressed hope that the newly introduced self sealing tyres will help Zambia reduce the number of road accidents which have increased in the recent past.


He however cautioned that despite the product being introduced on the market, the public should not do away with road safety but ensure that their vehicles are well maintained to avoid loss of life and property.


He further added that despite government constructing and rehabilitating more roads it will make no difference if road users do not uphold road safety precautions.


And Road Transport and Safety Agency Chief Executive Officer, Zindaba Soko attributed many road accidents that Zambia has witnessed in the recent past to poor vehicle maintenance and non adherence to road safety.


Mr Soko said people should make use of the newly introduced tyres by G and H but should not do away with road safety precautions and maintenance.


He further asked G and H Corporation Limited to consider partnering with Public Service Transport operators and test their products with them as they have the major road users.


He said the company should also consider coming up with other programs of vehicle maintenance and road safety to help Zambia reduce drastically on the number of road accidents being recorded on the Zambian roads.


G and H Corporation Limited had thanked the PF government for the favourable business policies that have helped build both small and medium enterprises in the country.