Western PS unhappy with ESCO’s failure to fix pontoon

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Western province Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba is disappointed with the breaking down of a recently assembled pontoon that will be operating temporally at Sikuka harbour.

Mr Mwamba disclosed this to ZANIS yesterday when he went to monitor the construction works of the 5 km Sikuka pontoon access gravel road from the new Senanga- Sesheke road.

Mr Mwamba who acknowledged the good works on the new Senanga-Sesheke tar road which he said was ready to be used was however, disappointing to note that ESCO was failing to fix up the pontoon properly.

The Permanent Secretary also disclosed that construction works of the bridge at Sioma will soon commence as 15% of the money required has been paid to China Henan to go on the site.

On his way back to Senanga, Mr Mwamba had a stopover at Lui wa Nyau where he had a view of the 1.6 km stretch of the beautiful embankment of Lui wa Nyau Bridge.

He disclosed that when the Senanga-Sesheke road project will completely come to an end, Senanga-Sesheke via Livingstone shall be the fastest and easiest route to Lusaka.

Mr Mwamba was accompanied by the Provincial Administrative Officer, Mr Paul Kabwebwe, China Geo Road Engineer a Mr Chag, Rural Road Unity Engineer Mr Fred Phiri and the Regional Manager for Roads Development Unity (RDU) Mr Geshom Mwagomba.