Government to sink over 200 bore holes in Mambwe

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—-Government will this year sink over 200 boreholes in various chiefdoms in Mambwe district in Eastern province to ease water challenges in the district.


This came to light today when Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Deputy Minister Panji Kaunda called on Chief Tindi of the Kunda speaking people of Mambwe district.

Col. Kaunda said government is determined to ensure that citizens’ live dignified lives through the provision of safe clean drinking water and improved sanitation.


He said it was regretted that 48 years after independence people can still be sharing water with animals.


Col. Kaunda said the PF government will endeavour to provide people’s requirements regardless of their political inclinations.


 And Col. Kaunda said the removal of subsidies on maize and fuel will greatly assist government implement programmes that will benefit the less privileged in society.


He explained that savings from the removal of subsidies will go towards construction of roads, schools, clinics and other infrastructure.


The Deputy Minister further explained that rural people were not benefiting from removal of subsidies hence their removal will now impact positively on rural livelihoods.


Earlier, Chief Tindi lamented that his area has had no clean water since Zambian got independence from the colonists’ hence forcing people to be sharing water sources with animals.


The traditional leader appealed to government to quickly intervene before lives of the people are lost due to communicable diseases.


The chief also told Col. Kaunda that the district has high prevalence of malaria in the province.