Teachers sleep in classrooms in Itezhitezhi ‘s Mbila ward

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Several Teachers at Muyasani Primary School in chief Shezonngo’s area in Mbila ward in Itezhi tezhi Constituency sleep in offices and classrooms, while learners are also compelled to learn under trees due to an acute shortage of accommodation.




Muyasani is a predominantly maize farming area that is isolated with only a few tiny two- bedroom houses, which are poorly ventilated and not enough to accommodate all teachers that have been posted to the school by the government.





This was the overall view of Itezhi tezhi district commissioner Roy Nang’alelwa during his visits to familiarize himself with the living conditions of both teachers and learners at different schools in Mbila ward in Itezhi tezhi   constituency yesterday.




“Schools are in a bad state. It looks as if the object of building more classrooms is being negated by the shortage of housing for teachers. It is not fair for these people to live in such conditions” Mr. Nang’alelwa said.




He said all primary schools in Itezhi tezhi district require urgent intervention from government, because the phenomena are almost similar in all schools.




 At Muyasani, the houses for teachers are hopelessly inadequate, forcing learners to make use of nearby trees as their classrooms.




The Itezhi tezhi district commissioner found some teachers conducting some lessons in the cold under a tree as one office and a classroom was occupied by   new teacher.




 A Teachers Found at the school Mr. Richard Chirwa   said there is serious shortage of housing in most schools in the area.




He has appealed to government to urgently build adequate and decent houses for teachers in the district.




He also called on government to provide teaching materials to enhance learning at Primary Schools.




 “We cannot have a situation where our learners are having classes under a tree and teachers occupying classroom which are not meant for accommodation.”Mr. Chirwa said.




 “Learning is difficult to conduct during this cold season and rain season outside under trees, the ministry of Education must really pull up their sleeves,” he fumed.