Teacher unions welcomes government’s recruitment move

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Teacher unions welcomes government’s recruitment move

Lusaka, July 4, ZANIS — Two teacher unions have praised the Patriotic Front (PF) government’s decision to employ over 5000 School teachers and 1000 early child teachers in the country.

Secondary Schools Teachers Union of Zambia General Secretary Wamuyuwa Sitibekiso said the move is welcome and that it should be supported by all Zambians.

Mr Sitibekiso told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that the move is in line with the PF administration of more jobs to the Zambian people.

He said there is a deficit of teachers in the nation and recruiting additional teachers will reduce the teacher ratio difference in schools.

He stressed that in adequate number of teachers across the country affected negatively the education standards in schools adding that such a drastic move will help to reduce such pitfalls.

And Professional Teachers Union of Zambia General Secretary Kangwa Musenge said his organization is delighted with the pronouncement that more teachers will be incorporated in the educational sector.

Mr Musenge said it is a good move by government to also recruit early Child Hood teachers in the main stream of the education sector.

He told ZANIS that the general public should embrace such progressive developments in the education sector as it is going to uplift the standards and the well being of those teachers who will be employed.

He also urged communities to help government is improving the education standards which had deteriorated in the past.

Recently, government announced the recruitment of 5000 primary school teachers as well as the recruitment of 1000 early child hood teachers to be deployed in government schools across the country.