Small, Medium constructors urges to government to be considered

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The National Association of Small and Medium Scale Constructors (NASMSC) has called on government to sub- contract small scale Zambian contractors in the $50 million contract awarded to Indian contractors in the construction of 650 health posts countrywide.


Association National Secretary Danny Simumba appealed to government to engage the Indian contractors for the consideration of engaging Zambian stakeholders to work with them in the civil stage.


Mr Simumba told ZANIS in an interview that though small scale contractors do not have the capacity to prefabricate the structures, they can be involved in the civil stage which involves slab level.


He noted that giving the entire contract to a foreign company means that government has exported employment top India.


Mr Simumba outlined that with government’s commitment to offer social amenities to the nation, it was significant for government to create employment for Zambians.


He stated that the project which is supported under the Indian credit facility would go a long way in helping to grow the national economy if part of the money was used by Zambian contractors.


Mr. Simumba emphasized the need to involve Zambian contractors at the initial stage stating that it will be Zambians who will have to maintain these structures in the long term.


Earlier this week government disclosed the awarding of a $50 million contract of the construction of 650 health posts country wide to three Indian contractors.


The building of the health posts which will be done under a period of 2 years will help meet government’s commitment to providing quality health care to the majority of Zambians through the provision of resources at the district level.