Chief Singani urges Airtel to improve services

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A traditional leader in Choma has appealed to Airtel mobile services company limited to improve its network in the district.

In an interview with ZANIS in Choma today, Chief Singani said of let Airtel network in Choma has been very poor hence the need for the company to urgently attend to the situation.

He pointed out that majority people in rural areas are Airtel subscribers adding that should the problem continue to persist , the company will lose a lot of money as subscribers will be left with no option but to cross-over to other network providers.

Chief Singani said Airtel should realize the importance of their service they render to the people of Choma hence the need for them to ensure that their network is always perfect.

“Some people even get stuck because of the network blues, our businesses have gone down, no communication there is a lot of congestion we don’t know maybe it’s because of these promotions of minutes,” the chief said.

Chief Singani said without communication there can be no meaningful development that can take place.

“Mobile phones are helping us a lot that’s the reason why we are appealing to Airtel to quickly look into this issue otherwise we will be in serious problems and many people in villages rely much on this same network because that’s the one they know most,” he said.

And many residents talked to in Choma backed the chief‘s call for Airtel to improve their network services in the district.

The residents said if nothing is done urgently, people will suffer especially those in transit hoping to meet their relatives by the bus stations.

“We are really calling on Airtel to do something because it’s dangerous to live without a phone nowadays especially us in town, what if you are attacked by thieves at home and how can you call the police when your phone has no network,” said the residents.