Hunger hits Sikongo districts

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—Hunger has reportedly broken out in newly created Sikongo district in Western Province.

District Commissioner, Kufuka Kufuka, confirmed the hunger break out in his area to ZANIS in Mongu today.

Mr Kufuka, who has described the hunger situation as a disaster, said people in the area are now gathering wild roots and fruits for their daily consumption.

He explained that the hunger situation in the area is due to last year‘s bad rainy season that left almost all the crops submerged and washed away by the floods.

The District Commissioner has since appealed to the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to quickly move in and ensure that the situation was averted through provision of relief food to the district.

And Mr Kufuka has complained that Sikongo district has also been hit with a critical shortage of teachers in both primary and basic schools.

The DC said schools in the area have either less or no teaches at all, a situation he says has seen educational levels continually deteriorating among school-going children.

Mr Kufuka has further appealed to the Provincial Education Office to consider sending more teachers to the area.