God’s word integral for national development – Shallotte

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— Vice President’s Wife, Charlotte Scott, says  the Zambian government, led by President Micheal Sata, recognizes the preaching of the word of God as an integral component of national development.

Mrs Scott said it was for this reason that the government has attributed the freedom of worship to all Churches in Zambia.

Mrs Scott was speaking in Namwala district yesterday at a fundraising Church Service of St Matthews United Church of Zambia (UCZ) in a speech read on her behalf by Namwala District Administrative Officer, Godwin Sanjase.

She said the government   has realized that for the country to develop positively either politically or economically it needs men and women who are morally free from corruption, abuse of public resources and other vices.

Mrs Scott further noted that to come up with a progressive continuous and strong building of any kind, particularly a community building like a church, there was need for men and women to be committed.

She added that for such a venture to succeed it needs a community leadership which respects the views of other members, a leadership which is not selfish in the utilization of the resources meant for the programme.

Mrs Scott commended the initiators of the project leadership for the program of building a new church building.

The building of St Matthews Namwala UCZ started in 2005 after the church membership increased, resulting in a second thought f constructing a much bigger church.

And speaking at the same function Southern UCZ Presbytery Bishop, Akabana Mutanuka, appealed to the congregants at St Mathews Church to give as the Bible says that when you give you shall receive so that the church building is finished on time.

Bishop Mutanuka commended President Michael Sata for encouraging Zambians to work hard so that more money is in their pockets.

He said that the President is simply following the principles of the Bible of giving and working hard for more money to be in people’s pockets.