PF cadres force postponement of radio station board meeting

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—Patriotic Front (PF) officials in Central Province have defended their role in the recent postponement of the Annual General Meeting for Mkushi Community Radio Station.

PFCentral Province chairperson, Benson Chali, said this during an interview with ZANIS, saying that PF cadres had acted in the interest of the community.

Mr Chali charged that the incumbent board for the radio station had allegedly drawn  up a list of delegates for the 18th June AGM that was allegedly dominated by pro- Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) sympathizers.  

Mr Chali said the move had aroused suspicions among PF cadres who interpreted this as an attempt by board members to maintain their positions as well as MMD influence on the station.

He stressed that the radio station was an institution that belonged to the community, adding that there was no need for the current board to personalize it.

He pointed out that the current board had not held an AGM since the inception of the station nearly a decade ago.

Mr Chali maintained that the postponement of the AGM had been a welcome move as the PF in Mkushi was not keen to see the station being dominated by the same board that was alleged to be linked with the opposition MMD.

Mkushi radio board chairperson, Felix Machiko, had announced that the AGM had been postponed from June 18 to July 16, 2013.

Mr Machiko had explained that the decision to postpone the event had been made in the interest of preserving harmony.

He, however, mentioned that the current board had acknowledged the demand from the PF in which cadres from the ruling party had called for some more additions on the list of delegates for the AGM.

Mr Machiko assured that the board would fulfil the demands by the PF cadres, expressing hope that the July 16 AGM would be conducted smoothly.