Government embarks on the construction of link roads in Kanchibiya

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-Construction of link roads in Kanchibiya Resettlement Scheme in Chief Luchembe s’ area in Mpika District of Muchinga Province at the cost of KR 150,000 is taking shape.

Speaking in an interview with Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) yesterday, Farmers Coordinating Committee (FCC) chairperson for Kanchibiya Resettlement Scheme, Righton Mumbi, said works of forming and constructing the link road is progressing well.

Mr Mumbi said the project has been funded by the government through the office of the Vice President under the Department of Resettlement in Muchinga Province.

He said the road works started on May 12, 2013 using labour –based technologies and local man power.

Mr Mumbi said the target is to do a total of 30 kilometres and so far a stretch of 20.7 kilometres has been worked on while the other 25 km stretch has just been pegged due to inadequate funds.

He added that works on the pegged stretch will commence as soon as funds are sourced.

Mr Mumbi said the road pegging of the 25 kilometres will translate into demarcation of 90 more farm plots in Kanchibiya Resettlement Scheme.

Construction of link roads in the area has created 98 job opportunities for the settlers in the scheme.

Mr Mumbi said the time frame in which the project should be completed is 44 days.

He said once the road project is completed it will connect the four sections in the Resettlement Scheme, namely Mulila, Ntuta, Munganga and Chilimambwe.

Happiness Hamambo, a farmer in the Resettlement Scheme, thanked the PF government for coming up with such a project.

Ms Hamambo said the area has never had a proper road network since Zambia attained her independence in 1964.

She said the access roads will improve the livelihood of settlers and promote agricultural production in the area.

Ms. Hamambo said the link roads will also open up the area to development unlike in the past where people failed to access the scheme due to poor road infrastructure coupled with inadequate communications facilities.

Ms Hamambo however, bemoaned the dilapidated state of M1 old access road located 25 kilometres along the Mpika –Kasama road.

She said despite government funding the rehabilitation of the said road, the works done leave much to be desired.

The settler has appealed to the government to also consider constructing a new access road to make the area accessible.

Ms. Hamambo said the M1 road, if worked on, will ease transportation of farm inputs and produce and in turn provide a wider market for settlers to sell their farm crops.

And one of the workers, Zachariah Munthali, who was flanked by Sitali Pumulo, said the money raised from the project will go a long way to better their living standards and reduce on the poverty levels which he said are high in the area.

Mr Munthali said part of the money will be used to buy farm inputs such as seeds and fertilizer.

He has since urged youths in the country not to wait for white collar jobs but to take advantage of developmental projects taking place in their communities.

And Principal Land Resettlement Officer for Muchinga, Joshua Banda, said government is committed to transform Kanchibiya Resettlement Scheme.

Mr. Banda said a number of projects have been earmarked for Kanchibiya Resettlement Scheme which include connection of the scheme to the electricity national grid to promote agricultural production in the area.

Mr Banda, who was addressing the settlers at a public meeting, called for hard work from all the settlers in order for them to better their lives.